About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Mark Matthews (MJM)!

My interests lie at the intersection of human interaction, mental health and play.
I have had various different experiences that have arisen by pursuing my interests.
This place is a record of some of those experiences.

What do you do?

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland. I have been a Marie Curie Research Scholar at the Department of Information Science, Cornell University, New York under Geri Gay.
I have been a postdoctoral researcher in the People Aware Computing Lab, at Cornell Tech, NYC under Tanzeem Choudhury. I have been a PhD Candidate in the School of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland under Gavin Doherty.

I completed a fun M.Sc. in Multimedia at Dublin City University, Ireland. I took English Literature (major) and Philosophy, at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

I co-founded Health Rhythms with Tanzeem Choudhury, Ellen Frank, David Kupfer and Shahid Ali, and served various roles including Chief Technology Officer for close to 10 years. I was also scientific founder of Silver Cloud Health during my PhD at Trinity College Dublin with David Coyle, who wrote the funding application, and Gavin Doherty. I am co-founder of Quantified Limited with Ronan McDonnell.

I am a player and creator of games.

This site

This site is statically generated and served as HTML. Fundamentally this means there is very little surface area for this site to be hacked or compromised. It does not require a database or backend server to process and render documents. Technically there is still a webserver, but it serves pre-rendered documents generated at build time.It uses the wonderful Jekyll template, Curate, created by ZeroStatic.